owl (2)


The Picasso

The Picasso. Who’s cursed by the witch and taken the form of an owl. However, he was not held back. Picasso is doing whatever…

Online Media



The Sharper Eyes, armed with 24-hour CCTV surveillance, capture all current trends and quickly rewrite their content to match the market. Picasso is frequently discovered behind the pillar, sneaking and peaking.

The Steel Talons have an untra-sensor, allowing the left claw to hook on digital media and the right claw to pray on printed medium. Yes, Picasso has a keen sense of colour, whether in RGB or CMYK.

The Feminine Beaks, Picasso’s most dreaded creation! All he does at the dinner table is mumble about company guidelines! He simply will not allow any bugs to slip through!

The Wings of Accomplishment allowing him to achieve 200km/h speed with a single flap and enables him to catch up with time. Picasso is constantly soaring for a better angle.