How Aishawong Accessories transformed her Pop-up stores presence to E-Commerce?

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Aisha Wong founder of Aisha Wong Accessories was one the earlier purveyors of POP UP stores in Malaysia. She steadily built her business for the last decade on Word of Mouth referral and consistently participated in the pop-up store scene to drive her business growth in the last 10 years. With an impressive number of followers on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profile, Aisha has managed to secure her faithful customer’s followers in her early days in business. Being pioneers before the E-Commerce boom 10 years ago presented lots of revenue growth opportunities.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, she has been experiencing stagnant growth as the industry gets saturated with overnight start-up eCommerce stores. Due to the nature of being a small-medium enterprise, Aisha was searching for help to scale and leapfrog her business stagnation. She turned to Garganto for help to scale her e-commerce business.

We enthusiastically assessed her situation and quickly implemented a proof of concept E-commerce store ( under 4 weeks. We developed Aisha’s Web store and begin to incorporate our digital marketing and eCommerce expertise to drive business growth.

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So how did we do?


In our first digital marketing campaign from 4-9 March 2020, we managed to achieve above 1,000 website visits with almost 2% conversion rate. The expected conversion rate is at 1% and for Aisha’s case, the 6 days paid campaign managed to score 1.9% translated to 19 orders at point of curating this article. Digital Marketing spent was RM 170 on Facebook and Instagram. We are not able to reveal the actual sales revenue due to its confidentiality but we can say its nothing short of overwhelming relief from Aisha. While highlighting this statistic, it is also helpful to understand that Aisha’s social media presence in the last 10 years also helped powered the quick take up rates upon the announcement of her live store.

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What are the lessons here?


The biggest challenge of a small-medium size enterprise is having the internal capability to navigate through the world of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. Many entrepreneurs are looking at a do it yourself (DIY) concept which has some pros and many more cons. Aisha was willingly to reach out for help to build, manage and scale her passionate business to position herself for new growth.

Take the plunge and start having conversations with us if you are in the same situation. Turn to experts in the field. We are more delighted to have these conversations. Subscribe to our blogs and newsletter at or call us at 03-2242 4993 if you wish to have a deeper conversation.