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07 Jan: Robots don’t dream, people do

In the latest Star Wars finale, Rise of Skywalker, there was a touching scene when C3PO remarked: “let me look at my friends one last time”. Echoing through this statement, it literally feels that robots have demonstrated emotional ties typical in a human relationship. Fortunately, it has not. Robots are not able to have a wandering mind according to Henry Wang. He rightfully said that the inability for robots to have a wandering mind makes it ideal for high productivity works and no downtime engagement. (Waytz, 2019)


25 Dec: Visit somewhere new this Holiday season. It improves your critical thinking and creativity.

As the world unwinds and gravitates towards year-end holidays, let’s take the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the current year and re-sharpen our laser focus for next year. Taking a page off from reading from an article on the mental benefits of vacationing in somewhere new authored by Todd Kashdan published in Harvard Business Reviews (Kashdan, 2019), perhaps this is also a golden opportunity to interject a twist into your travel plans.