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As a leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia, Sasa with its subsidiaries offers over 10,000 products along the beauty categories. Products that range from their own Sasa brand to brands that are exclusively sold in their stores, prosper on the 'one-stop cosmetic specialty store' concept they run on. They wish to provide their customers their high quality products at the most competitive value.

SaSa has tasked us with helping them in improving their digital marketing target on social media. Their target is to increase engagement, followers and sales. The problem they had previously was the lack of growth as expected. We manage to maximize their marketing spending to reach their target and beyond.
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The Challenge
Our mission was to maximize the efficiency with Facebook digital ads and show growth within their targeted timeline. The challenge we faces was to find the right target audience demographic and ideas that could elevate SaSa brand awareness and penetrate the market to a bigger audience.
We began to review SaSa previous works on their social media and other outlet to verify their right target. Surveys had been done on a small scale to verify the interest on different age group to understand which demographic has a better chance to convert as follower/customer.
With the previous approach data, we have a better understanding of SaSa target audience and created the prefect recipe for their digital marketing strategy for the next quarter of the year.

Targeting female between the age of 25 - 44 (represents 84% of the total number of audience reached) and also choosing the best time to post on social media, we have succeeded in helping SaSa.
The Result
Through trials and error, we successfully reached the benchmark SaSa has set. Our paid ads traffic session increased by 700% for facebook, adding new batch of people by 57.9% from their previous number, and not to mention the increase on their other Instagram account by more than 200% in CPC.


Case Study Sasa

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