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18 Feb: The 3 Most Powerful Visuals in Storytelling

The 3 most powerful visuals you will ever need to explain complicated data is either a pie, a bar or a line chart. According to Nancy Duarte, author of Datastory : Explain Data and Inspire action through story, she explained that the avalanche of data acquired is meaningless when we are unable to story tell the insights. She made these comments in the recent Paul Michelman podcast interview on “Every Number tells a story” on 12 November 2019. Nancy’s conclusion was based on observations derived from years of poring through mountains of presentations by top companies and brands around the world.


04 Feb: You don’t have to “LIKE” me and that’s why you need Paid content

In 2016, Dalton, Akinc, & Kane ( 2016) embarked on a survey of 401 Instagram users in United States aged between 18-33 (Millennials) to determine brand loyalty to retail brands. The purpose of the survey was an attempt to measure brand social media following co-relating to the intention to purchase. There is no conclusive evidence of direct relationship to sales yet. For most digital marketing managers today, it’s extremely difficult to pin point the value of social media to direct sales conversion. Are we able to measure or quantify these observations?


07 Jan: Robots don’t dream, people do

In the latest Star Wars finale, Rise of Skywalker, there was a touching scene when C3PO remarked: “let me look at my friends one last time”. Echoing through this statement, it literally feels that robots have demonstrated emotional ties typical in a human relationship. Fortunately, it has not. Robots are not able to have a wandering mind according to Henry Wang. He rightfully said that the inability for robots to have a wandering mind makes it ideal for high productivity works and no downtime engagement. (Waytz, 2019)